ARTUZ calls on GVT to create an education equalisation fund

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) calls for the creation of an education equalisation fund which will ease challenges to do with the transportation of examination papers and leakages of examination papers.
In an interview with Community Radio Harare, Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe ’s President Obert Masaraure says the introduction of the Education Equalization Fund will curb the issue of young children walking long distances to write their examinations since they are few ZIMSEC accredited centers, especially in rural areas. This comes with reports that many children are walking more than ten kilometers to write their examinations at the accredited centers.

The fund will also make it easy and transparent for the transportation of the examination papers. Previously Zimbabwe School Examination Council has been criticized for examination leakages and also it has come under fire for the firing of their executives. Many have also questioned the legibility of the examination board since there were many leakages involving school heads and teachers in the leaking of those papers.

Meanwhile, rural teachers are on day number two of their stay away, and in a statement released today (15 October 2019) ARTUZ says that “Day 1 was a success beyond measure, the response from the teachers was overwhelming, and thousands of our teachers participated in our job action.”

Our list of demands
The robust teachers union has also highlighted their wishes and demands as a way out of the current logjam. “Our members are severely incapacitated and the incapacitation has become an occupational hazard. The incapacitation is threatening both our livelihoods and the wellbeing of Trade Unions. We, therefore, recommit ourselves to the following:
1) A sustained and prolonged job action until our demands are met
2) Uniting all teachers and the broader working class in the fight for a living wage.
3) Setting up countrywide District Poverty Salary Camps as centers for coordination
4) Render solidarity to all members of the working class during the industrial action and beyond
5) Conduct robust political education for the working class
Our demands are as follows:
1) Interbank rate indexed salaries benchmarked on our October 2018 earnings
2) Resignation or dismissal of the Bishop of Austerity measures, Professor Mthuli Ncube”

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