Bulawayo Coronavirus Patient dies before 5 days before getting results

Ronald Chigwada

Seventy-nine-year-old Bulawayo man dies whilst waiting for results which arrived five days later. His death becomes the third COVID-19 death to be recorded in Zimbabwe amid claims by doctors that the government is not prepared to deal with the Coronavirus. This comes after test results for a Coronavirus positive patient came five days after their death.

In a press statement, Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) noted that the government must urgently take concrete steps to ensure the supply of sufficient and efficient protective clothing and materials to use in the face of the COVID-19.

Furthermore, the association also pointed out that there’s no seriousness, preparedness and transparency in the way cases of Coronavirus are being reported and handled.

Without enough materials to use, Zimbabwe’s health-care sector is proving to be brave in the face of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, in an effort to consolidate awareness and preparedness amongst members of the public, ZADHR encourages the nation to remain vigilant,  staying at home and practicing good hygiene while adhering to the social distancing concept.

Speaking to Community Radio Harare (CORAHFM) through WhatsApp messages, Harare residents said they feel insecure from the Coronavirus as Mbare Musika and other fresh produce markets in Highfield and Chitungwiza re-open.  Traders and buyers are not practicing social distancing protocols, and therefore giving room for a potential crisis, that will take longer to be addressed.

“A disaster is loading in Zimbabwe. Lives are at risk. We must Invest in testing and tracking. A lockdown without testing and isolation is useless. Rwanda has tested over 1 500 people in two days and South Africa, 68 000 so far. Zimbabwe has “tested” 392 only over the past month. Leadership a necessity…..” said the leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC Alliance), Nelson Chamisa on twitter.

COVID-19 has officially claimed three lives, out of the 13 confirmed cases and the government through the ministry of health revealed that a large number of people are under surveillance in the country.

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