Chitungwiza residents against Zinwa come-back

by CHITREST info dept

Chitungwiza residents read with complete shock utterances made by Vice President Kembo Mohadi at a rally in Bulawayo that Government is mulling plans to take over the management of water from local authorities.

This is a sad departure from the letter and spirit of devolution as enshrined in our national constitution. As CHITREST we have always clamoured for the decentralization of service provision including water as we believe this brings efficiency.

It is critical to realise that our water challenges will not be solved by knee jerk reactions but rather by proper planning and solid political will. Needless to say, the blame game on the part of politicians with regards to the water challenges will not help the dire situation.

We have always reiterated that there is a need for honest conversations on the origins, impact and possible solutions to the water crises.

In Chitungwiza we have advised our local authority Chitungwiza Municipality to come up with a Water Indaba for the purposes of brainstorming and coming up with a way forward to ameliorate the water crisis.

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