Chitungwiza Residents Trust in round table meeting with residents.


Chitungwiza Residents Trust (CHITREST)in partnership with Chitungwiza Community Development Network(CCDN).

Conducted a round table meeting with residents of ward 17 in Chitungwiza and their Local Government representative Clr Pangiti.We would have wanted the Local Member of Parliament to attend but he could not because of commitments elsewhere.

The objective of the meeting was to bring the elected leadership closer to the people whom they represent and come up with shared action plans to improve service delivery.

Residents bemoaned the plummeting in the quality of service delivery in general.Topical was the issue of unavailability of tap water,as residents reported that they were going for weeks without tap water.Residents complained that refuse was not being collected timeously,and were scared that water and sanitation issues compounded together might lead to an eruption of diarrhoeal diseases in the community.Another issue of importance raised was that residents would want Council to assist them to get title deeds for their houses.They reported that they have made attempts to do that but the Ministry of Local Government requested US$500 which they feel is prohibitive.

The residents bemoaned also that they have not been engaging with their Cllr and MP ever since they were elected.
The Cllr promised to be more visible going forward and suggested that she would take all the issues raised to Council to advocate on behalf of her ward.

CHITREST and CCDN resolved to be continuously facilitating such community engagements to foster dialogue between residents and service providers.

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