Co-operatives fight for Kuwadzana land

Sighting and aquire to Kuwadzana local city council for residential stands land Vatemavotonga housing co-operative residents now faces house demolitions with a one day quick eviction summon from police forces and group of people claiming the land was in their ownership as Limpopo housing co-operative wich then left the Vatemavotonga co_operative residents with nowhere to go.
Corah fm speaking to Mr Tafadzwa Duri one of the Vatemavotonga Board member who refused to remove property from his house when demolitions were in process as he was insisting that they should demolish his house with his property inside. he said ”we didn’t refuse to pay for the stands but what is bothering us is we actually went and aquire for this land at Kuwadzana Municipal offices and Mr Dzehonye allocated us on this land and told us to even start building our structures whilst we wait for the local housing ministry to give us formal letters and title deeds for the stands also awaiting for council to start their development projects in the land but only to find out there was huge corruption within the local city council for double allocation of various Housing co-operatives and when the matter was taken to high court the land was found owned by another co-operative by womans called Debora housing co-operative wich then led the matter to be put aside for auditing and investigations by high court to be conducted first on who really is the owner of the land .speaking to Kuwadzana councellor Mr Mhetu on the residents allegations he said only those that a staying in the area without stands title deeds should evict from the place as they have been informed to have built on private land . speaking to Mr Dzehonye for comment his fone was unreachable so the matter is still in the court rooms for judgements and prier residents were told to stay as judiciary services is conducting an auditing.

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