Community Water Alliance meets Budiriro District Officer


Community Water Alliance

Community Water Alliance ward 43, 33 and 32 Committees visited Budiriro District Offices of the City of Harare registering their displeasure on water consumption charges on households where water has not been provided for the past 4 years in Ngungunyani and Goshen areas in Budiriro.

A copy of the letter was delivered and the District Officer immediately called CWA Committees for a meeting.

The meeting resolved the following:

1) Community Water Alliance ward 43 committee will collect information on all affected households in Ngungunyani and Goshen and present details of House Numbers including water meter readings to local district offices of the City of Harare.

2) Local District Officer agreed to remove erroneous charges on water bill upon submission of affected households by CWA. She however said that the timeframe for this will be determined by the capacity of central office at Rowan Martin to ensure the new billing system functions within the shortest period.

CWA Ward Committees will soon be doing ward engagement meetings to collect more cases on arbitrary water disconnections in Budiriro, encourage payment for services rendered and bank rolling community stewardship to water infrastructure.

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