Community Water Alliance Tackles Gender Based Violence At Public Water Points

Joseph Andrasi

As water challenges continue to worsen in Harare women and young girls in Budiriro have expressed anger at how they are being treated at water points. Young women have been complaining that their rights are being violated each time they are at community boreholes.

These issues came out at a meeting organized by Community Water Alliance in Budiriro to train the community water points committees. The meeting meant to capacitate them on security of residents when they are at water points. Some residents who spoke to this publication said women and girls are most at risk when they are at water points.

Residents waiting to fetch water at a water point in Budiriro

“Women wake up as early as 2am to go and join queues to get water and in the process get harassed on their way to boreholes by some male residents calling them all sorts of names” said Mrs                         Tendai Muloza from Budiriro.

Fears of sexual transmitted diseases, HIV and unwanted pregnancy amongst young girls have increased as some of the men that monitor the water points engage in sexual activities with young girls so they can jump water queues.

On top of water problems, the community has had water borne diseases such as typhoid and cholera to deal with as well. Residents have been urged to follow all measures advised by World Health Organization to fight against spread of Coronavirus at water points, sanitize their hands and exercise social distancing

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