Doctors pull out of Health Apex Council

By Melody Mhizha

Zimbabwe Health Doctors Association (ZHDA) has withdrawn from Health Apex Council expressing their displeasure at how their concerns are being handled. This move comes after the government through the ministry of health had given the doctors an ultimatum to return back to work or face disciplinary action.

Speaking to Corah News yesterday after submitting their Apex Council exit letter to the Health Services Board (HSB), ZHDA acting president, Dr. Masimba Ndoro said that the 60% salary increase was inadequate and they would only come back to work after their salaries has been adjusted using the USD/RTGS interbank rate.

Suffering Patients

Dr. Ndoro acknowledged that patients were suffering in public health institutions and that they as doctors were not happy to see them in that state but the situation has them incapacitated. The employer has to address the situation for all interested parties.

Meanwhile, the government has lodged a case with the Labour Court which seeks to compel the doctors to go back to work. The case will be heard today (Tuesday, 8 October 2019) at 14:30.

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