Gospel Musician Using Music To Fight Discrimination Of People With Albinism

By Nyasha Nhau

A Goromonzi – Mabvuku based gospel artist Blessing Matikwa has joined the disability community in the fight against discrimination and is set to release a track entitled “No to discrimination” on the 5th of June the month of albinism day held every 13th each year and is going to launch it on his Facebook page called “BLESSING MASIYE MATIKWA”.

“What motivated me to write this song is my passion for assisting people. Helping people started when l was still very young, assisting people with disabilities, the elderly, the sick,, and those who are less privileged”, said Blessing.

“After school l decided to take music as a career and l deem it fit to be a way of doing what l wanted to do in life (helping people). One day I was walking in the street and saw a person with a disability of albinism burning, it came into my mind that this man does not have any physical disability, but is burging and his disability is different from that of people who would be on wheelchairs, using crutches etc. l went back home and did research, data capturing and findings in my community on how people with albinism survive. My findings tell that 80 percent of people with albinism are living a poor life while 20 percent is living a better life”, narrated Blessing.

With the passion to understand how people with albinism Blessing Matikwa did a research on challenges facing them and in his findings, he said, “l realised that 60 percent of the women with albinism are being impregnated and men ranaway. They end up taking care of the children playing both the mother and fatherly roles and do anything in order to survive.”

“In a family, if a woman gave birth to a child who has a disability men usually ran away giving all the blame on women for giving birth to a child with a disability. The end result is that most children will drop out of school. On the issue of youths with albinism, they are having a challenge of discrimination that they are different from others of which it is wrong.”

According to his findings discrimination usually affects them emotionally and educationally because most children with albinism end up refusing to go to school because of discrimination in institutions. “For one to get a job you need five ordinary levels yet some are dropping schools at primary level. So l found out that discrimination is the main cause, even those who have the required qualifications are not working because companies are also discriminating people with albinism hiding behind the eyesight issue saying they cannot see properly.”

“Because of all this, I decided to write a song that would amplify their concerns so that the message reaches to the people, with my song l am targeting the general public so that they know what is albinism”, added Matikwa.

Blessing is encouraging people to share in their social media network platforms a reminder of the international Albinism Awareness Day 13 June. Speaking to Community Radio Harare about his journey in the music Blessing Matikwa said, “On this project l worked with 3 producers Moyondizvo, David Fangas from Zambia and TJ Beats. I also have 3 collaborations one with Eva Praise from Nigeria entitled Mukundi, another one with Moyondizvo from Makandida album and the other one with Lindani Mufakachaza from Zvinonditadzisa kunamata album.

Blessing Matikwa was born in Mabvuku and grew up in Goromonzi, he went to Chinyika Primary and Secondary schools before attending C.B.T.S Technical College.

Blessing started his career as a gospel artist in 2017 just after his studies and could not manage to record any single track due to financial challenges. In 2018 he managed to record his first studio project an album with 8 tracks entitled Gogogoi. 2019 he recorded 3 singles Mukundi, Ndiregererei, and Vabatsirei vanamate. “This year 2020 I am working on singles and collaboration on this albinism awareness coming on the 5th of June.

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