Government Orders Moratorium On Rentals

As the lockdown pressures continue to mount, the government has ordered a moratorium on rentals due for the month of April to the end of the lockdown but this doesn’t come without scepticism from various stakeholders.

“Any unpaid rentals due for the period from April to end of the lockdown will be paid in equal installments after the declaration of the end of the lockdown period together with the rentals due for those months.

“All rent deferrals shall be free of any interest charges or penalties”, reads the statement.

One can’t help but wonder what will be the end result of this kind act of generosity by the government.

Are we not up for a wave of endless disputes between landlords and tenants in the near future as lease agreements technically cease to be effective henceforth?

What of the unscrupulous tenants who will seize the opportunity abuse this considerate government directive at the expense of their landlords who probably rely on their properties to survive?

When one decides to light a fire, the logs must burn; meaning the government has to ease the burden of tenants by laying it on the shoulders of the landlords.

The tenants are happy with the moratorium which will protect them from being chucked out if they fail to pay their rentals on time, but what will become of the landlords who are in the same frying pan called lockdown.

Humanitarian organizations such as Harare Residents Trust, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, and a Chitungwiza residents Trust are all singing the same melody in regards to the issue at hand.

They say there is a need for a balance between the needs of both the landlords and the tenants without infringing on the rights of the other to avoid the act of unclothing Peter to clothe Paul.

If I’m allowed to have an opinion, I’m of the notion that this issue should be revisited to tie all loose ends so the landlords and their tenants will live happily ever after the lockdown.

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