Combined Harare Residents Association

Harare City Council have intensified it’s fundraising agenda by charging typhoid patients $25 consultations fees.

A tour conducted by CHRA today in Glen View and Glen View Satellite Clinic revealed that the local authority is charging $25 to those who seek medical attention with waterborne diseases. CHRA has learnt that the most hard hit area which has become the epicenter of the outbreak is 105th Crescent ,Glen View 8.

Many people from the area explained that they are not going to the clinic to seek medical attention because they cannot afford the exorbitant charges of $25 for consultation fees.

The fundraising agenda on typhoid patients comes at a time when the Harare Council has been denying charging any fee for patients with typhoid, cholera or any waterborne disease. CHRA team visited houses of people with medical cards indicating that they had typhoid.

CHRA is thereby calling for an immediate intervention especially in 105th Crescent as people are in dire need of medical attention and access to clean water.

Patients who were being attended at Glen View Poly Clinic in the MSF tent on “suspected” typhoid revealed that they had payed $25 and showed their receipts to the CHRA team.


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