Harare West Female leadership Feeds 90 Families…

The Harare West female leadership comprising of the Harare West National House of Assembly member Hon. Joana Mamombe and Ward 41 Councillor Mrs Kudzai Kadzombe have taken up the role of a mother in Goodhope, where they are fighting hunger through helping the economically challenged families. The female leadership recently donated some rice packs to 90 families in Chichera, Goodhope.

Hon. Mamombe and Cllr Kadzombe handing out rice packets to some of the beneficiaries

“We recently went and donated some rice packs to a total of 90 families who are economic challenged families in Chichera, Good Hope ward 41. This was prompted by previous meetings we had where residents spoke about their fight against hunger. As female leaders we are taking a stand as mothers in the Constituency, we are making a statement to everyone who can help, don’t be a spectator, lend a helping hand” said Cllr Kadzombe

Cllr Kadzombe addressing local business people and residents of Goodhope

Cllr Kadzombe urged the local businesses to take this as a challenge and take up their social responsibility obligation, saying that businesses can’t just come make a profit and go without improving the livelihoods of the people around their businesses. In this light they as the leadership expect a change of attitude from local businesses.

Hon. Mamombe and Cllr Kadzombe with the residents

“It’s not only about giving food stuffs to these economically challenged families but it’s about laying a foundation for them to earn a living in the long run, so businesses can even employ some of these family members in an effort to help” Cllr Kadzombe said.

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