Mabvuku-Tafara Councilor Donates Sanitary Pads

As we celebrate mother’s day today, women and girls of Mabvuku-Tafara welcomed the move by their councillor, Munyaradzi  F. Kufahakutizwi, and his partners who donated sanitary pads for underprivileged women and girls in the constituency.

Mabvuku-Tafara ward 19 councilor, Munyaradzi F kafahakutizwi said that  whilst certain services have been prioritised, sanitary pads are not on the list, the world is a better place with a clean, health and smart woman, hence it’s a need for every woman in the society.

Speaking to some of the beneficiaries they said menstrual health remains a challenge for underprivileged girls and women as they are struggling to buy pads due to prices and unavailability because of the lockdown.

To get your packs contact
Ward 19 councillor Munyaradzi F Kufahakutizwi

WhatsApp: +263777570826

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