Parents cry foul over price hikes.

By Pauline Chateuka

Allan Bloom, a Philosopher echoed that “Education is the movement from darkness to light”.

As schools in Zimbabwe officially open today, 14th of January, parents have shared their experiences under these harsh economic constraints that have made the back to school period tougher than the previous years.

Boarders waiting to board buses back to school

Parents have expressed how they have struggled to send their children
to boarding school with enough resources due to price hikes of uniforms, groceries and stationary considering the low salaries they are earning.

“We used to buy a bottle of Mazoe orange crush for 3 dollars but this time I bought the same bottle for 50RTGS dollars, even books were also affordable and I don’t want to lie the government should intervene because the situation is not good at all” said Mrs Mhizha a parent of a student returning to boarding school.

Despite the fact that the Minister of Education Professor Amon Murwira recently gave an order of no fees hike on public schools some parents told this publication that most of the schools defied the call by the Minister of Education. The parents feared that if they report the schools in question their children will be victimized.

Parents whose children are day scholars are also crying foul over school transporters charging them in US dollars.
“I’m just a civil servant how will afford to pay 15USD for my child’s transport fare, this is just unbearable” cried one parent whose child goes to a local school.

The threat of an industrial action by teachers due to low salaries is another worry facing parents as schools open. Most parents have urged the government to take control of the situation or else the education system in Zimbabwe is going to be greatly affected by this situation.

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