Public Transport Woes In Harare

Pauline Chateuka

The Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) buses have been overwhelmed by commuters who cannot afford fares being charged by private cars following the recent fuel price hike.

“We are in fear of losing our jobs since we can nolonger  report for work on time as we wait for  hours  battling for the cheap mode of transport,” said one passenger.

“The transport situation has reached another level as private owned commuter omnibuses  were banned and instructed to register under ZUPCO but these buses are not reliable, passengers  are spending a lot of time waiting for them. The government must return the private omnibuses.” said Mrs Chinoputsika.

Commuters queuing to get into a ZUPCO bus without observing social distancing guidelines

Long queues at ZUPCO bus terminuses in Harare coupled with USD fare charges by private cars have seen some security guards having to resort to not going back home after finishing their night duty avoiding the transport woes.

“We are appealing to the government to acquire more buses because everyone is now using the ZUPCO, we don’t have money to board the expensive private owned cars.” said Mr Nyamutsika a security guard with a local security company told CORAH.

Speaking to Community Radio Harare one ZUPCO Inspector said, “The government is trying its best to provide transport to the public but the buses are few and sometimes we face diesel challenges”. said ZUPCO Inspector Milton Nyanhira.

The shortage of public transport in Harare is affecting efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as commuters are not practising social distancing in desperation to get into the bus and get home.

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