Water Crisis looms in Warren Park 1

Barbara Mapurisa

Despite being the home of major Water Works in Harare, Warren Park 1 has over the years been hit hard by the water crisis which has also been a major contributor to typhoid and cholera outbreaks in the area.

The residents are quite aware of the current water rationing being implemented by the City of Harare where some areas go for two to three days without water, but theirs has become too long to contend with.

Some residents testified that they have not received water in their areas for the past two months while others have been affected for two weeks.  Mr Nyathi a resident in the area expressed displeasure at the prevailing water situation in Warren Park stating that the area where he lives has not had no water for the past two months.

“It is surprising that we have not had water for the past two months yet the water works and water reservoirs are located right here in Warren Park” said Nyathi.

Part of the stream that has become a s source of water for Warren Park 1 R

The crisis has promoted residents to use the nearby stream behind the local police station as a source of water for laundry, car washing and general home use. Even though the stream is an alternative source of water for the residents, it dangerously exposes them to water borne diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea and typhoid.

A Kombi operator washes his car at the same place with a resident washing her laundry.

Contacted for comments the councillor responsible for the area Cllr Tichaona Mhetu said he has in place a couple of measures to try and deal with the water issue in Warren Park 1.

“There is a private developer that I have spoken to regarding drilling a borehole for residents as a temporary measure while we work on a more permanent one. The second measure is the comprehensive document that i am compiling to use in sourcing for funding which will lead to us finding a permanent solution” said Cllr Mhetu

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