Young people should adapt to climate change on their own

The United Nations brought together young people from different backgrounds in the capital today, to discuss climate change under the theme, “galvanizing for climate change”.

The presenters at the meeting spoke about how young people are not fully participating in issues to do with climate change and how the country’s climate policy does not include them as stakeholders on climate change and adaptation issues.

Speaking to Community Radio Harare, Mr. Valentine Selemani former principal director in Prime- Minister’s office said that, the danger of being young is that the trends of the future can come and you are not ready and they pass you by”. Back in the day if you could Speaking English and owned a credit card you could thrive with little to no government interference, he said. Today you need Chinese not necessarily English and if you own a credit card and are online you can get into cryptocurrency and get into climate change adaptation projects.

Governments in Africa are primitive, dysfunctional and hostile by their very nature and cannot move with the trends, our system of government is centralized and dysfunctional. Growing your own food, make sure you have your own protein source is much healthier than eating imported food such as carrots which you can grow in your own yard.

Young people, we need to learn how to fast track processes of nature like composting using worms, food waste and building biogas digesters and organic fertilizer. Food security, climate change adaptation should start at home, you and your family and your community do not worry about the government. My family leaves 100% on harvested rainwater, the reason I do this is to impart knowledge to my children for their benefit, not mine. As an individual you must say, I must be governmental which is the ability to impact my living conditions.

To beat climate change young people should learn to create systems that are self-sustainable with no government influence, systems that benefit your immediate family, and your community do not mind about the central government.

Young people, these days are always saying we are looking for money but if you ask them where the money is they have got nothing to show. The world has moved, it’s now about what you know and who you know.

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