ZRP says riot helmets case is very serious

Speaking to members of the press at Police headquarters today, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) said that they are still conducting investigations to the matter of helmets and other items found inside Robin House Basement that sparked controversy this past week.

Social media platforms became awash with messages as to who owns the material discovered by the ZRP in the basement. The issue has become highly politicised causing more tensions within a politically charged environment. “Members of the public are advised that the police are treating this case as a serious and grave incident whose full ramifications are yet to be fully established, “read the statement. Police also claim that they have established that one of the recovered helmets belonged to a police officer who was murdered in Harare in 2016 during the process of politically motivated violence.

A Police officer inspects the helmets discovered at Robinson house basement
picture credit: Newsdzezimbabwe.

According to the police statement issued by Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, a gang of youths attacked a uniformed Police Officer on duty who was rescued by his fellow mates and the perpetrators of violence fled to Robinson House to seek refuge.

Police officers who came to rescue the attacked fellow officer are the ones who discovered the helmets in the basement where the gang was hiding. In the basement, there were 11 vehicles some of which no registration number plates had and 256 helmets of which 210 were police helmets and 46 belong to the Harare Municipality.

Interestingly, the question as to who owns the helmets still remains to be answered and there have been reports about a certain individual who claimed to have bought the helmets at an auction.
Assistant Commissioner Nyati, concluded by saying that the Commissioner-General of the police has instituted a full investigation into the alleged disposal of police riot gear helmets to members of the public.

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