Farmers applaud the re-opening of market stalls

By Andrasi Joseph

The government of Zimbabwe gave vegetable markets the green-light to operate during the 21-day lockdown after having closed them a week ago.

Farmers provide an essential service and the vendors who sell the produce in markets across the country are an essential part of that value chain. When the government launched a 21-day lockdown, farmers’ markets not exempted and this posed a challenge since they support many livelihoods and farmers who were still operating had to continue pushing their produce through.

The government’s decision to reopen farmer’s markets comes after a public outcry following the destruction of over 3 tonnes of farm produce that had been brought to the market by over 300 sellers last week at the Sakubva market in Mutare city.

Speaking to CORAH, Zimbabwe Young Farmers Association Chairman Mr John Muchenje applauded the call made by the government to re- open all farming markets and it shows that authorities have people at heart. It also gives us an opportunity as farmers to sell our produce since some doesn’t need to be kept for quite a long time since they are perishable. He went on to say that farmers need to maintain social distance as it is one of the fundamental processes to follow to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

City of Harare spokesperson Mr. Michael Chideme, said the city will ensure that the market operates under stern measures which include social distancing and that council will provide sanitizers to residents before entering the farming produce market stalls.

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