City of Mutare Brand Ambassador On Covid-19 Awareness.

Nyasha Nhau

MUTARE ARTISTE Jairosi Mutambikwa has taken the fight against COVID-19 personally, using his art to bring awareness and educating to help people better understand the pandemic which has killed over two million people worldwide.

Mutambikwa has released a single and video on COVID-19 awareness entitled No facemask No service. “This is an awareness campaign track for Covid-19 global pandemic meant to educate people on the regulations set by the government of Zimbabwe through the Ministry of Health and Childcare in relation to the World Health Organization rules regarding this dangerous disease,” said Mutambikwa.

Jairosi Mutambikwa

He also emphasized on the importance of tightening screws so that people obey what is needed for the nation to monitor and curb the spread of Covid 19 virus.

“People should follow the rules and regulations set by the government or else there is no service given to anyone who does not want to obey these rules considering that people are dying,” said Mutambikwa.

Mutambikwa who is City of Mutare brand Ambassador talked about the sad loss of two of Manicaland province public figures because to the virus. “It has been a painful start to 2021, having Manicaland Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Dr Ellen Gwaradzimba as well as Mutare Town Clerk Mr Joshua Maligwa succumb to covid-19”.

“As we can see that covid 19 is real, we need to be each other’s keeper as well as to encourage each other to observe social distance, always sanitize and mask up so that we survive this global pandemic.” urged Mutambikwa

Produced by a Mutare based producer Ngoni Mashedza of Life Time Media while the video was done by Rodgers Bepete and Stan Chiwanza of Sower Effects, the covid-19 track has been welcomed by many Zimbabweans on different social platforms.

Jairosi Mutambikwa’s music journey started in 2015, up to date the musician has 2 albums Humambo (2015) and Ndakadaidzwa (2016), as well as 6 singles. He also has 2 Covid-19 videos and 15 live on stage video records

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