GHACO Condemns Corrupt Traffic Police Officers.

Pauline Chateuka

The Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission is urged to deploy its investigators to the central business district and the suburbs to observe how traffic police officers are operating.

Greater Harare Association of Commuter Omnibus Operators (GHACO) alleges that the Zimbabwe Republic Police officers manning most roadblocks are receiving US$30 per kombi daily from all the commuter-omnibuses that are illegally operating.

“Most transport operators are weak and the police and VID corruption is just too much, the operators pay for a certificate of fitnesses around US$40 per vehicle. All illegal kombis plying our roads are subscribing to the Police US$30 per day.”

The ban on commuter omnibus operations has proved to be an excuse for police officers to make money. Residents say the government has a duty to citizens by solving the transport challenges they are facing.

“Any commuter omnibus operator refusing to pay is taken to court for allegedly violating Covid-19 regulations and one is made to pay more in bribes or get jailed because operating now is a serious offense”.

Allegations are that if a kombi does not pay the US$30 per day, the operator will have to fork out at least US$200 for it to be released without going to court, and this is the reason why Mishika-Shikas are all over in town and suburbs, violating road regulations without fear.

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