Students to Suffer the Brunt of Unvaccinated Teachers Ban

Ronald Chigwada Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) has condemned the government's move to bar all unvaccinated civil servants from reporting to work.

VISET to Enhance Entrepreneurship through Value Addition.

Joseph Andrasi The VISET-STELLAR project seeks to enhance the resistance of young people to the COVID-19 pandemic and the unpredictable economic environment by imparting

Thrive for Herd Immunity with Strategy: Government Told

Ronald Chigwada In an effort to hit the targeted herd immunity by year-end, health experts and civil society organisations reiterate that the government should

VISET Applauds Decentralisation of Markets by Harare Council.

Pauline Chateuka Vendors Initiative for Social and Economic Transformation welcomed the move by the City of Harare to decongest Mbare markets through the establishment

Capacitate Schools To Combat COVID-19: ARTUZ

Ronald Chigwada Parent and teacher associations say the move to keep schools open should be backed with capacitating schools to adhere to standard operating

Juru Women Join Hands in the Fight Against Drug Abuse

Pauline Chateuka Community Radio Harare hosted a Community Live Chat in Juru that gave an interface between residents and the Ward 12 councilor Kondwakuenda

Encompass Pre-ticketing with ZUPCO Timetable

Ronald Chigwada Harare residents and Passengers Associations of Zimbabwe (PAZ) say the use of Zimbabwe United Passengers Company (ZUPCO) pre-ticketing strategy should be encompassed

Women in Caledonia Geared for Development

Pauline Chateuka Community Radio Harare in May embarked on a promoting women's participation in local governance and development issues project to empower women in

Transport Shortages Negatively Impact School Children in Caledonia

Pauline Chateuka While the majority of citizens have been affected by the absence of viable transport school children from underdeveloped suburbs such as Caledonia

Reopening of Schools Potential COVID-19 Surge

Ronald Chigwada Teachers' unions have reiterated the need to invest in education to ensure a safe environment for learners and prevent absenteeism of teachers