Buses Defy Council Mbare Ban

Givemore Chipere

The closure of Mbare Musika Bus Termini has resulted in commuter omnibuses (kombis) operating at the corner of 3rd and Mzingeli Street in Mbare National thereby creating chaos in the residential suburb.

There is always massive commotion when police come to disperse the kombis with the latter fleeing in all directions, putting lives of children and other people at risk.

On the other hand, long distance buses have defied council orders to operate at other designated areas as the populous bus terminus is undergoing renovations. Earlier this week, Harare City Council ordered all kombis and buses to stay away from Mbare Musika in order to allow face-lifting of the chaotic terminus.

Picture Credit: Mbilez24

‘The City of Harare wishes to inform the public that Mbare Musika Bus Termini is currently closed for renovations. Council has designated temporary pick-up and drop off points for intercity travel,’ said council in a statement.

Those intending to travel to Mutare and related areas will now use Fourth Street rank, Coventry holding bay for those travelling to Bulawayo and Mbudzi complex or Machipisa for the Masvingo bound. Meanwhile a snap survey by CORAH has shown that most bus operators are defying council as they are now illegally operating along Adbenie Road just adjacent to Mbare Musika.

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