Safe, Potable, and Reliable Water For Mbare Residents

Ronald Chigwada

Mbare residents are delighted with a solar-powered borehole handed over to them by Community Water Alliance (CWA) in partnership with the German Embassy saying the donation will go a long way in helping ease water problems in the area.

The newly donated solar-powered borehole is situated at corner Pazaranga and Runyararo streets near Chitsere Primary School in Mbare.

Speaking to Community Radio Harare, Community Water Alliance (CWA) spokesperson Christopher Gohori noted that Chitsere public water point has the capacity to produce 40,000 liters on a daily basis sustaining residents as the local authority is struggling to fulfill its constitutional mandate to provide sufficient safe and potable water to the city.

According to CWA, the City of Harare is currently producing 375 megaliters per day against a daily demand of 1200 megalitres, whilst 35 to 40 % of the 375 megaliters being produced is lost through leakages.

Borehole Water (Pic: SABC News)

Gohori added that the erratic water supply by the City of Harare has placed a burden on women and girls who are spending most of their time searching for water and queuing at boreholes across high-density suburbs in the capital city of Zimbabwe.

The time being spent at water points by women and girls could be used on other productive things like studying and working for the family.

“I would be grateful if the German Embassy and other development partners offer the same kind of intervention in other high-density suburbs like Mabvuku, Tafara Glenview, Budiriro, Hatcliffe, and Chitungwiza just to mention a few”, said Gohori.

CWA also noted that well-wishers have managed to drill and donate a total of not more than fifty boreholes across Harare.

Speaking during the official handover of the borehole, Mbare residents were urged to take community responsibility with a sense of ownership of the borehole and contribute towards infrastructure maintenance.

The handover ceremony was attended by officials from the City of Council Harare, representatives from the German Embassy, and residents from the community.

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