CWA Public Water Point Conflict Resolution Agent: ZRP.

Ronald Chigwada

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Glenview applauds Community Water Alliance’s (CWA) effort in training public water points committees on conflict resolution, saying there has been a reduction in cases reported on water points abuses.

Addressing attendees at the Community Water Alliance multi-stakeholder meeting in Glenview New Hall, Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Constable Tseriwa of Glenview Police Station commended CWA’ courageous actions of training public water point committees on conflict resolution.

“The number of cases being reported at the station have reduced as a result of these trainings,” she highlighted.

CWA, a human rights water activist organisation, expanded and embarked on this mission as a result of water scarcity that had created a breeding ground for conflicts at public water points across high density suburbs in Harare. CWA strategy has proven to be a powerful agent in preventing and resolving conflicts together with its development partners (Welt Hunger Hilfe, MSF, Oxfam) operating in Budiriro and Glenview.

Picture Credit: Green Fuel

In an interview with Zimbabwe National Coordinator for Community Water Alliance Hardlife Mudzingwa said the appreciation and recognition of their work has become the source of strength to keep on resolving conflicts at public water points, hence the organisation is also expanding its services to Dzivarasekwa and Glen Norah.

According to Community Water Alliance these major conflicts are born out of lack of transparency and accountability on monthly contribution funds collected by water points committees for general infrastructure maintenance. Therefore, residents refuse to pay as they have lost trust and confidence in their committee leaders.

Part of the resolution is that the water point committees report to the community giving financial updates on a monthly basis. In addition residents should give input on the developments taking place at the water point.

Harare City Council Budiriro District Officer Chiratidzo Dzama also noted some challenges that are affecting residents and she invited development partners to help rehabilitate water and sewer infrastructure.

“Our pipes are old and dilapidated and they need to be replaced with new ones, we appeal for your support as our partners to address this challenge’” she said.

Meanwhile a request has been made by Budiriro -Glen view residents for development partners to intervene and drill more boreholes in their community to compliment water delivery as access to water is critical in implementing COVID-19 prevention protocols that is “washing of hands with soap under running water”.

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