Mbare Community Health Clubs Detergents Production Kick Starts

Ronald Chigwada

More than ten Mbare Community Health Clubs (MCHC) imparted with skills to make wash detergents have started operating. Each group produced 20 liters of pine jell toilet cleaner and 20 liters of bubble bath with the supervision of the Community Water Alliance.

These Mbare Community Health Clubs were established by Community Water Alliance to improve livelihoods under the project “Supporting COVID-19 Resilience Food Supply Chain Management System In Harare” in partnership with Oxfam and United Nation Development Program (UNDP).

Part of MCHC members preparing detergents

Community Water Alliance leader, Hardlife Mudzingwa yielded that for Mbare residents to recover from Covid-19 related shocks, they had to go under training to develop skills that will enable them to venture into income-generating projects.

“Most citizens in Mbare particularly women were negatively affected by COVID-19 pandemic through stringent measures put in place during lockdown periods to curb the spread of the disease”, said Community Water Alliance.

Community Water Alliance went on to praise the wash detergents project’s positive potential to generate own income for Mbare community health clubs and sustain themselves as they recover from Covid-19 effects.

At the moment, detergents are ready for markets across Mbare whilst the profits are being channeled to purchase more ingredients and produce products for the sustainability of the program.

Members of Mbare Community Health Clubs who are part of the wash detergents project applauded the mind behind this initiative as they see themselves getting back on their feet after the struggle of COVID-19 disturbances.

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