Chirodzero Business Centre a Ticking Health Bomb

Ronald Chigwada

Vendors and residents in Goromonzi West have called on relevant authorities to finish building public toilets which were started in 2019 at Chirodzero Business Centre.

In an interview with Chirodzero Informal Traders Association (CITA) chairperson, Tinashe Mazhambe told Community Radio Harare (CORAH) that their health is at risk because they don’t have ablution facilities.

“We are regularly paying rates to Goromonzi rural district council but it’s been almost three years with out toilets” said Tinashe Mazhambe.

Chirodzero Business Centre

Mazhambe went on to say that council should urgently complete the construction of the toilets as some people are now helping themselves in uncompleted buildings.

Responding to vendors’ questions at the site, Goromonzi West, ward 4 councillor, Tapiwa Murima who is in charge of the place explained that all the materials to complete the toilets are available but council’s top management is sleeping in the job.

Councillor Murima also added that the situation is beyond his control as it seems to be a fight of political interests between the ruling and main opposition party.

Efforts to hear the other side of the story were unfruitful as the district council top management did not attend the meeting scheduled to address vendors issues and neither were their phones answers.

Meanwhile Councillor Murima is now working on other possible ways to complete the construction of toilets at Chidzero business centre.

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