Youths Urged to Participate in Electoral Processes

Joseph Andrasi

National Association of Youth Organisations (NAYO) recently launched a “Leave No youths behind Campaign 2023” in Harare. The campaign is et to go a long way in encouraging young people to be active in the electoral processes.

Addressing journalists at the launch, NAYO spokesperson Liam Takura Kanhenga said as an organization for young people in collaboration with other youths organizations they came up with an initiative to encourage and capacitate young people to take charge and register to vote so that they can be active in parliament. He went on to challenge young people pointing out that the youths country’s constitute 60 percent of the population.

Kanhenga said their move will allow young people from all political parties to be active since they will be working with youths from different political spheres.

NAYO members addressing journalists in Harare recently

Their move will be guided by the African Youths Chapter and Zimbabwean constitution which respect the rights of youths and underscore the importance of young people being participating in all areas of life.

Zimbabwean Constitution Amendment No 20 Act 2013 section 20 (1)b mandates the government and all states institutions to ensure that young people are given opportunities to associate and be represented in political, social, and economic areas.

In launching the campaign NAYO said they will come up with activities in line with their campaign motto of GO EDUCATE, GO MOBILIZE, GO REGISTER, GO VOTE, and GO DEMAND which will push for youths participation throughout the election. The campaign will be covering all 10 provinces in the country and will be led by young people.

Zimbabweans are expected to go for harmonised elections in 2023, which will see citizens voting for Presidential, Parliamentarians, and Councilors candidates.

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