From Pain To Praise

Nyasha Nhau

After surviving an accident in 2017 that almost took his life, Maxwell Machisa was left wheelchair bound for the rest of his life. The incident which could have crushed his spirit and left him without hope did the opposite, this ignited a musical journey to praise God.

The 45 year old father of 4 carries powerful messages in his music, his latest ten track album was produced by PV records and Noel Kristu Studio.
“I have an album to be launched in the first week of February called Mwari Muchengeti with my team Saints of Praise. The album has 10 songs including Kukuruka Hunge Wapotswa, Ndinotenda Mukadzi Wamakandipa and Mwari Muchengeti featuring Hossiah Chipanga among others, most of them based on my life experiences”.

Maxwell Machisa

Maxwell told this publication that he gives thanks and praises to God for giving him a loyal wife who stood by him, continues supporting him and the times she stood by his side comforting him when he was in hospital.

“On Ndinotenda Mukadzi Wamakandipa, l was actually praying to God and thanking Him for giving me the wife that l have. She stood by me during the time l was in hospital for nine months, most marriages usually break at a time like these.”

“These songs are a result of appreciating, giving thanks and praises to the Lord for what He did to me, l would not have survived considering the impact of the accident,” said Machisa.

Machisa added that with this inspirational music he was targeting people with disabilities like him, giving them hope and encouragement. He explained that his music is not only for people with disabilities but for everyone and anyone looking for motivation in life.

Machisa singing at church

He urged Zimbabweans to seek God always,“My words to the people of Zimbabwe is to know God because He Is faithful telling from my personal life experiences when l got into accident and was destined for death.”

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