Epworth Climate Change Mitigators Call for Inclusive Action.

Pauline Chateuka

Community Radio Harare in March took the climate change discourse to Epworth under the theme “Women and people with disabilities for climate change justice”, aimed at giving women and persons with disabilities a platform to discuss the challenges caused by climate change as well as come up with mitigation strategies.

Epworth has faced many challenges due to climate change such as lack of water which has exacerbated sexual harassment against women at community water points, underdevelopment, drying of water sources, and poor drainage and environmental pollution due to uncollected refuse by the local authorities.

After the engagement, CORAH together with women and persons with disabilities created a mitigators group that has the mandate of monitoring climate change issues in Epworth. The Mitigators feel there is a need for inclusion when discussing climate change issues. These discussions should include local leaders, residents, environmental activists, and legislators.

Epworth During Recent Rains

Environmental advocate Henry Kani, says that climate change is real and there is a need for people to adapt and work together as a community

We have to start looking at some crops like sweet potatoes to mitigate food shortage. At the same time let’s avoid planting in the wetlands since we need them more than ever if the rains keep going. There is a need to have awareness and provide waste bins at most of the shopping centers because most people always dump baby pampers at shopping centers that are affecting the drainage system” said Kani.

Epworth Residents Development Association Secretary-General Peter Nyapetwa said the only way to deal with climate change challenges is inclusivity.

“Residents need to be schooled about climate change and its effects. As ERDA we are going to engage all local leaders so that they teach residents in their wards about climate change and our newly elected legislator so that she can share her developmental agenda and environmental plan.”

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