Let’s Unite In Giving Hope To The Nation.

Nyasha Nhau

Promising gospel songstress Joyce Zvanyange has urged fellow gospel musicians to unite for a good cause in spreading the message of hope and encouragement during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Joyce stresses that working together despite coming from different denominations is the way to help spreading the message across, “We should come out and work together as gospel artistes including upcoming regardless of our different church backgrounds to spread the news of hope through gospel music to the people of Zimbabwe considering that God Is the only hope that we have.”

She also urged Zimbabweans to respect the rules and regulations of COVID-19 set by the government. “Let us stay safe and follow all the rules and regulations imposed by the responsible authorities while seeking the guidance of the Almighty,” said Zvanyange.

Zvanyange told this publication that she was currently working on an album set to be launched in March of this year. Her title track Nguva yekutendeuka is a song meant to encourage people to always do good as well as remember that Jesus is coming back again and no one knows the day or time.

Joyce Zanyange

“I am launching an 8 track album entitled Nguva Yakwana which is a reminder of the coming of Jesus. People should repent as no one knows the time in which Jesus Is coming back but we should be prepared. COVID-19 is another example that people might be caught unaware, it’s destroying many lives but it needs God,” added Zvanyange.

The young musician started her music career in 2012 as backing vocalist for Eria Chikwanha and Munyaradzi Munodawafa, Joyce Zvanyange in 2018 started her own musical journey, she has 1 album Jesu Arimandiri, and she did two collaborations with Fidelis Nyikadzino and Herbert Chaminuka.

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