Recalls Paralyse Council

Pauline Chateuka

Harare City Council is failing to convene full council meetings after councilors failed to constitute the number that is required to form quorum,
with only six out of twenty-three councilors attending the online ZOOM meeting.

The Urban Council Act section 29:15(85)(1), states that “one-third of the total membership of a council, together with one other Councilor shall form a quorum.”

Council Meeting

Full council meetings are mandatory as they help councilors make important resolutions to be implemented by the technocrats. Failure to hold these crucial meetings for the third time is negatively impacting service delivery in Harare.

Initially, Harare had forty-six elected councilors but due to squabbles in the MDC party which holds the majority of the councilors, twenty-three of them were recalled by the MDC-T led by Douglas Mwonzora.

Combine Harare Residents Association has urged the city fathers to take council business seriously as it affects the day to day operations of residents

“the remaining city fathers must take council business seriously by attending Full Council Meetings as this has implications on social service delivery and serious political costs ahead of 2023 elections.” said CHRA.

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