ZURCNWU Celebrates International Nurses Day Amidst Challenges.

Abel Karowangoro

Zimbabwe Urban and Rural Council Nurses Workers Union (ZURCNWU) president Simabarashe James Tafirenyika joined the international community in celebrating International Nurses Day.

International Nurses Day, is an annual observance held on May 12 that commemorates the birth of Florence Nightingale in 1820, the foundational philosopher of modern nursing. The event, established in 1974 by the International Council of Nurses (ICN), also serves to highlight the important role nurses fulfil in health care.

ZURCNWU President Simbarashe James Tafirenyika

In an interview with Corah news Tafirenyika congratulated all nurses who are still dedicated to their profession and continue to fill their roles in the health sectors to unsure that they save lives.
“Congratulations to all the nurses in serving lives and remain committed to the profession despite the out break of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Tafirenyika said.
“We also want to pass our condolences to the families of the nurses that lost their lives after succumbing to COVID-19 as they were performing their duties.”

“As an organisation we planned to join the world in celebrating this day with the hashtag theme “#LetsGoWhite” to encourage all nurses to wear white on the day,” he said.

“The reason we chose white is that all nurses when they start their training at nursing schools they wear white, that is why we urged all nurses to wear white”.

“We understand that all nurses in Zimbabwe love their jobs despites the challenges that they are facing in delivering their services.

“The challenges might be coming from their employer, however, the nurses still love their jobs that is why they remain dedicated as they help patients in clinics and hospitals serving communities,” Tafirenyika said.

Tafirenyika also urged all citizens of Zimbabwe to join the nurses in celebration the day because it is a very important not only to nurses but the nation as a whole.

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