University of Zimbabwe Students Urge Government to Add More Vaccination Centres .

Pauline Chateuka

Vaccines have so far been recommended as the safe and effective way to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. In a bid to join in the fight University of Zimbabwe is urging all its students to get vaccinated before returning to college for end-of-semester examinations.

University of Zimbabwe acting Registrar Maxwell Chikerema said only those with vaccination cards will be allowed to sit for the examinations.

“The University of Zimbabwe wishes to advise and urge all its students to get vaccinated at centres of vaccination that have been established in their communities in and around the country before returning to campus for examinations” said Chikerema in a notice that was recently released.

In an interview with CORAH some of the institution’s students said they were in support of vaccinations and are aware of the importance of vaccines in the fight against COVID-19.

“We are ready to be vaccinated because so far this is the only way we can protect ourselves but getting the vaccine in our communities is a very big challenge for us” said Tichakunda Mukanya a student from UZ.

“We urge government to add more vaccination centres in our communities because we are spending the whole day without getting the vaccine and our fear is that by the time schools open we might not be vaccinated” said Samantha Machona.

Zimbabwe recently was praised for its swift response in procurement and administration of the vaccines by the world health body, World Health Organisation (WHO). Zimbabwe was commended for having the top-rated national vaccination program in the SADC region.

As of 23rd August 2021 Zimbabwe has given a total of 3.77million doses with 1.46million having been fully vaccinated. Zimbabwe needs to vaccinate a total of 10million people to achieve the 60% herd immunity.

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