Residents Condemn Latest Toll Gate Tariffs.

Ronald Chigwada

Harare residents have condemned latest hikes in toll gate tariffs with fears that the new fees will lead to increase in transport fares and essential commodities price since road transit is mostly used to transport goods and link all provinces across the country.

Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) announced new dual toll gates fees at the end of January 2021 as follows : light motor vehicles to pay $2USD (165 RTGS), minibuses $3USD ($245 RTGS), buses $4USD ($330 RTGS), heavy trucks $5USD ($410 RTGS) and haulage trucks US$10 ($820 RTGS) respectively.

Toll Gate on one of the major highways

Previously a light motor vehicle driver was paying $120, minibuses $180, buses $240, heavy vehicles $300 and $590 for haulage trucks and forex was not accepted at tollgates.

In a survey carried out by Community Radio Harare (CORAH), transporters and business people have raised a concern over the increase in the price of their services and goods in the near future as they will be trying to squeeze for profits.

As toll gate rates have gone up for several categories of vehicles, there is a now a barrier posing inconveniences in the day to day running of businesses and consumers will bear the burden at all cost.
“ Toll gate rates revision could lead to rise in the prices of essential commodities. Travelling and transporting of goods on highways is now costlier, obviously an increase in prices of essential commodities is certain”, said a Harare resident.

Some of the residents also noted that new toll gate fees will drive high living costs as the country’s economy is not stable.

Meanwhile Harare residents have called upon ZINARA to establish well-maintained national road infrastructure facilitates that will accommodate trade, economic improvement and raise living standards of Zimbabweans including those living in rural areas.

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