National Development Strategy Initiative in Chitungwiza

Yolanda Zanamwe

National Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (NANGO) recently partnered with Chitungwiza Residents Trust on discussions around national development strategy with residents in Unit K Chitungwiza with aim to address resident’s needs.

National development strategy is a consultation initiative researching on resident’s needs and expectations from government and local authorities in the next five years starting January 2021. Residents shared expectations and improvements in different areas to do with road construction, access to heath, food security, access to clean and portable water and sanitation, land ownership and building of good institutional infrastructure like schools, colleges and polytechnics in the area.

Residents attending the recent national development strategy meeting

Residents from all parts of Chitungwiza attended the consultation bringing in their grievances, wishes and possible solutions to challenges hindering development in the community. Residents brought out the issue of food security in the area, they complained that they are not beneficiaries and lack of food and cases of hunger in the area do not reflect the fact that Chitungwiza is surrounded by farms and a lot of much farming.

Residents pointed out that land ownership and development go hand in hand, “Land should be given to those that brings in development meaning they should be land audit to bring in development,” said a resident who attended the discussions.

Ward 6 Councillor Tonderai Chiwanza, believes that in order to have better roads in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe National Road Authority (ZINARA) should give back power to local authorities so that revenue collected from Chitungwiza is channelled to developing roads in the area.

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