Zimbabwe Nurses Demand Recognition.

Pauline Chateuka

International Nurses Day is observed every year on May 12 to honour the great work being done by nurses. Commemorating this day Zimbabwe Nurses Association has bemoaned lack of recognition in better wages and working conditions.

Zimbabwe has managed to contain COVID-19 because of dedicated nurses, we urge government to provide adequate resources and increase our wages” said Enock Dongo ZNA President.

ZNA President Enock Dongo

Nurses who are frontline workers during this deadly pandemic are lamenting for sufficient PPES to limit exposure to COVID-19 while on duty.
Despite challenges faced by nurses in working conditions and remuneration, nurses have expressed appreciation to government’s efforts of accepting donations of vaccines to curb the spread of the COVID 19 virus.

Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZNA) leadership thanked all nurses and praised the continued hard work done under poor conditions in the country.

“We want to thank all nurses in Zimbabwe for their hard work since the coming of COVID- 19 despite the fact that you are not being valued you remain our heroes and heroines we hope one day government will appreciate your efforts and will give you adequate resources and salaries” said Dongo.

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