COVID-19 A Reality: Mbira Musician Dinz

Nyasha Nhau

CHITUNGWIZA ST MARY’S born mbira master Dinas Kamushinda popularly known as Dinz has urged Zimbabweans to be responsible citizens so as to stay safe when approaching the Covid-19 global pandemic.

The musician pointed out that the virus is a reality and is leaving behind a trail of distraction and that some social media fanatics were making the situation worse through spreading fake news and misinformation which in turn cause more harm than good.

Chitungwiza Mbira Musician Dinz

“Zimbabweans should not give room to those social media attention seekers who think that Covid 19 is not real. Let us try by all means to follow the rules and regulations so that we help stop the spread of this disease” said Kamushinda.

Dinz also said life has again become very difficult for musicians since they can not hold shows due to Covid-19 regulations, “We survive on doing shows, things are not the same because of this lockdown and it does not mean that we should break the rules.”

All hope is not lost as Kamushinda apart from financial challenges is planning to release an album this year. “I have one album entitled Ndangariro with 12 songs including Nyamba uchandida, mukono watsauka and ziva kwawakabva among others, as well as a video called Ndangariro. I respect Thomas Mapfumo and the late Andy Brown because of their type of music, they are my source of inspiration,” added Kamushinda.

Dinas Kamushinda has worked with Andy Brown, Mbuya Stella Chiweshe and Tambaoga. Apart from mbira he is also a traditional dance and marimba trainer who is usually hired by both primary and secondary schools in Chitungwiza to instruct dance lessons in schools.

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