Zvizvai Demands Return To Normalcy.

Staff Reporter

MDC Alliance secretary for local government and rural development Sessil Zvizvai has come out guns blazing, underrating the Local Government minister July Moyo and Harare Provincial Development Coordinator (PDC) Tafadzwa Muguti for what he sees as interference in council business.

In a strongly worded statement, Zvizvai said both the minister and PDC should stop interfering with council business as this would likely cripple day-to-day operations of council.

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“The Local Government minister must immediately stop interfering with activities at Harare municipality and leave the city alone to employ qualified managers and directors,” said Zvizvai.

“The Harare PDC, Muguti, should stop giving illegal orders to the council, causing the disruption of council meetings. Council should sit and exercise its oversight role on staff and make decisions for the good of the people.” reads part of the statement.

Zvizvai also called on the minister to lift the suspension on Mayor Jacob Mafume and his deputy, Luckmore Mukunguma.

“The minister should lift the suspension of Mayor Mafume and His Deputy. We simply cannot afford to leave Harare on autopilot for a single day without unbearable consequences. Alternatively, disciplinary processes should be completed expeditiously. That way the mayor, who we know is innocent, can get back to work,” added Zvizvai

It is not the first time that Muguti and Moyo have been accused of interfering in council business. Late last year, Muguti was also caught offside after he set up a task force to monitor councils without following due process, a move which Harare Metropolitan Residents Forum described as misplacement of priorities.

“The PDC is misdirecting his energy. As a country, we have seen hundreds of taskforces. We need service delivery and not these task forces,” Harare Metropolitan Residents Forum (HAMREF) chairperson Marvelous Khumalo said.

“The PDC was out of order. As the HAMREF, we are a constitutional and legally founded institution which happens to be a network of residence associations operating within the Harare Metropolitan province” explained Khumalo

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