Juru Women Join Hands in the Fight Against Drug Abuse

Pauline Chateuka

Community Radio Harare hosted a Community Live Chat in Juru that gave an interface between residents and the Ward 12 councilor Kondwakuenda Magaya. The councilor got a chance to explain the importance of women attending budget consultation meetings and how their issues can be incorporated into the council budget.

The women raised a lot of issues that affect them and that contribute to the lack of development in Juru amongst them is the massive consumption of drugs by the youths in the areas. Key findings indicate that drug abuse is at 57% among young people, the most commonly abused drugs and substances are marijuana and alcohol but in Juru the youths are using crystal meth a drug that has recently become available in the street and is more widely used in Zimbabwe.

The women said COVID -19 has also increased drug and substance abuse in Juru such that children as young as eight years are seen taking drugs at the growth point.

“We can’t even focus on participating in developmental issues because we have to take care of these children who have become addicts and this issue is causing us emotional stress. We are appealing to our local leaders to help us in this fight” said Plaxecedes Kaseke the Juru Women Action Group Chairperson.

Ward 12 councilor Kondwakuenda Magaya thanked the women for attending the live chat and speaking out, he promised to work with the Juru Women Action Group to approach community stakeholders to plan a campaign against the drug peddlers in Juru.

“I’m grateful to CORAH for awarding me this opportunity to meet with the women to discuss local governance and development issues and I believe this will work for the betterment of our community. Together with the Women Action Group, we have agreed that we will start by destroying all drug bases in Juru and have a NO TO DRUG CAMPAIGN. We will also take this campaign to schools and we are not going to give up until we end this serious issue in our area. Juru is going to be an example in our country” said Kondwakuenda Magaya Ward 12 councilor.

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