CHITREST Reprove Council Over Bloated ZITF Delegation.

Pauline Chateuka Chitungwiza Residents Trust (CHITREST) has castigated the Chitungwiza Council for what they call an unreasonable delegation to the just-ended Zimbabwe International Trade

Epworth Climate Change Mitigators Call for Inclusive Action.

Pauline Chateuka Community Radio Harare in March took the climate change discourse to Epworth under the theme “Women and people with disabilities for climate

PWDs Call For Disability Friendly Polling Stations.

Ronald Chigwada Concrete steps at a polling station stand as a barriers for those in wheelchairs and clutches Persons with disabilities (PWDs) say they

Women and PWDs in Chitungwiza on #EndWaterPoverty Campaign Drive.

Pauline Chateuka Women and persons with disabilities in Chitungwiza have called on the government and the town's city fathers to take the construction of

Sand Pouching A Stumbling Block for Environmental Conservation

Ronald Chigwada Youths in Hopely, who are earning a living through sand pouching and selling firewood have urged the government to assist them with

Climate Change Negatively Impacts Women and PWDs in Epworth

Nonhlanhla Ngwenya Community Radio Harare supported by WAN-IFRA African Media Grants is taking the climate change message from hotel conferences to the grassroots. The

Women and Persons With Disabilities Steer Climate Change Mitigation Committee

Ronald Chigwada Women and persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Epworth have pledged to take a leading role in preserving the environment and lessening climate

Parents Urge Government to Put Order in the Education Sector

Ronald Chigwada A survey carried out by Community Radio Harare (CORAH) has yielded that a large number of parents are complaining over fees they

Juru Women Ready to Take the Lead.

Pauline Chateuka In 2021 Community Radio Harare embarked on a project to promote women's participation in local governance and development issues. This came as

Hopely Sex Workers Cry for Justice

Pauline Chateuka 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence is an annual international campaign that starts on 25 November to 10 December.  It is

Women Lobby for Youth Friendly Corner at Community Clinics.

Pauline Chateuka One of the issues raised during the 2021 commemorations of 16 days of activism against gender-based violence was the importance of providing

Tariro Clinic a Satellite for Hope

Nonhlanhla Ngwenya Set in the heart of Harare South’s Hopely high-density suburb is the Tariro clinic. The satellite clinic is run by Harare City

Youths Urged to Participate in Electoral Processes

Joseph Andrasi National Association of Youth Organisations (NAYO) recently launched a "Leave No youths behind Campaign 2023" in Harare. The campaign is et to

Pregnant Women Fall Victim to Extortion at Council Poly Clinics

Pauline Chateuka Combined Harare Residents Association has called on the Harare City Council to act and end extortion by health personnel in council clinics

Safe, Potable, and Reliable Water For Mbare Residents

Ronald Chigwada Mbare residents are delighted with a solar-powered borehole handed over to them by Community Water Alliance (CWA) in partnership with the German

Pre-October 2018 Salaries, A Recipe For Quality Public Education In School

Ronald Chigwada Teacher associations have argued that the government's pledge to increase salaries for heads between 10% to 25% depending on the number of

Mbare Community Health Clubs Detergents Production Kick Starts

Ronald Chigwada More than ten Mbare Community Health Clubs (MCHC) imparted with skills to make wash detergents have started operating. Each group produced 20

GHACO Condemns Corrupt Traffic Police Officers.

Pauline Chateuka The Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission is urged to deploy its investigators to the central business district and the suburbs to observe how

Students to Suffer the Brunt of Unvaccinated Teachers Ban

Ronald Chigwada Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) has condemned the government's move to bar all unvaccinated civil servants from reporting to work.

Sex Workers Call for Legalisation of Safe Abortions

Pauline Chateuka In Zimbabwe's 1977 Termination of Pregnancy Act, abortion is only legally permitted under certain circumstances. If conducted illegally, it carries a penalty

Thrive for Herd Immunity with Strategy: Government Told

Ronald Chigwada In an effort to hit the targeted herd immunity by year-end, health experts and civil society organisations reiterate that the government should

VISET Applauds Decentralisation of Markets by Harare Council.

Pauline Chateuka Vendors Initiative for Social and Economic Transformation welcomed the move by the City of Harare to decongest Mbare markets through the establishment

Access To Information, A Tool Towards Development

Ronald Chigwada Civil society organisations in Zimbabwe say access to information is critical for tracking progress and enhancing community developments. This came out during

Capacitate Schools To Combat COVID-19: ARTUZ

Ronald Chigwada Parent and teacher associations say the move to keep schools open should be backed with capacitating schools to adhere to standard operating

Informal Traders in Acturus Call on Rural District Council to Built Market Stalls.

Joseph Andrasi Vendors Initiative for Social Economic Transformation (VISET) has called on Goromonzi Rural District Council to build Market stalls for informal traders in

Juru Women Join Hands in the Fight Against Drug Abuse

Pauline Chateuka Community Radio Harare hosted a Community Live Chat in Juru that gave an interface between residents and the Ward 12 councilor Kondwakuenda

Women in Caledonia Geared for Development

Pauline Chateuka Community Radio Harare in May embarked on a promoting women's participation in local governance and development issues project to empower women in

Separate National Youth Service from the Army-Youths tell Government

Joseph Andrasi Youths have called on Government to separate the national youth service from the Ministry of Defense to avoid politicisation of the training

Upgrade Your Billing System, Harare City Council Told

Ronald Chigwada Harare residents have expressed the need for the city's council to upgrade their billing system to reflect actual amounts owed by residents

Transport Shortages Negatively Impact School Children in Caledonia

Pauline Chateuka While the majority of citizens have been affected by the absence of viable transport school children from underdeveloped suburbs such as Caledonia

STELLAR Project Equips Informal Traders with Digital Skills

Joseph Andrasi Vendors Initiative for Social and Economic Transformation (VISET) has embarked on a project to ensure that young informal traders are capacitated with

Reopening of Schools Potential COVID-19 Surge

Ronald Chigwada Teachers' unions have reiterated the need to invest in education to ensure a safe environment for learners and prevent absenteeism of teachers

Recalls Paralyse Council

Pauline Chateuka Harare City Council is failing to convene full council meetings after councilors failed to constitute the number that is required to form

ZCC Launches National Disability Survey.

Joseph Andrasi Harare- The Zimbabwe Council of Churches has launched a report on a national disability survey focusing on day-to-day challenges faced by people

Caledonia Residents Welcome Joint Committee.

Ronald Chigwada Caledonia residents expect immediate implementation of recommendations to meet their long-standing demands. The call from residents came after government's move to set

Persons With Disabilities Call for an Inclusive Council Budget.

Pauline Chateuka City of Harare will soon commence Budget Consultations in a bid to get residents’ inputs and budget priorities for the year 2022.

CWA Public Water Point Conflict Resolution Agent: ZRP.

Ronald Chigwada Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Glenview applauds Community Water Alliance's (CWA) effort in training public water points committees on conflict resolution, saying there

Obstetric Fistula Surgical Repair Gives Life to Victims.

Obstetric Fistula has been described as the “most devastating birth injury” by the World Health Organization (WHO). This condition which occurs from obstructed labour

VISET Informal Economy Women’s Hub: A Relief.

Ronald Chigwada In an effort to improve the socio-economic lives of women in the informal sector,Vendors Initiative for Social and Economic Transformation (VISET) has

University of Zimbabwe Students Urge Government to Add More Vaccination Centres .

Pauline Chateuka Vaccines have so far been recommended as the safe and effective way to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. In a bid to join

Harare Residents Urge Government to Regularise Hospital Charges.

Pauline Chateuka Harare residents have raised worrying concerns over fees being charged by private hospitals and have called on the government to intervene through

Youth Urged to Participate in National Dialogues.

Joseph Andras Harare- Youths across SADC are being urged to participate in National dialogues in their respective countries to ensure that their interests as

Retired Nurses Called On Board, Citizens Question Government’s Ability To Reward.

Ronald Chigwada Citizens have urged the government to consider paying retired nurses whom they wish to recruit to help accelerate vaccine rollout and alleviate

The New Normal, A Student’s Tale.

Liners Muzviwana Life as we used to know it, will never be the same again, this is due to the emergence of the COVID-19

Hold COVID-19 Relief Fund Abusers Accountable

Ronald Chigwada Vulnerable groups who were intended to benefit from the COVID-19 relief fund urge government to hold accountable public office abusers. This comes

Outcry for Justice for Memory Machaya.

Staff Reporter Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe and Parliament enacted progressive legislation on domestic violence which also defines child marriage as a form of domestic

Water Disconnections Will Dent Fight Against COVID-19.

Ronald Chigwada Harare residents say the move by Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) to disconnect water in a bid to recover $2.4 billion owed

Harare Women Hail CORAH’s Promoting Development and Local Governance Project.

Pauline Chateuka In May 2021 Community Radio Harare embarked on a program to enhance women's participation in local governance and developmental issues. The objective

Pregnant Women in Glenview Fear Contracting COVID-19 at Council Clinics.

Pauline Chateuka Women in Glenview have raised concerns over lack of adequate water at Glen View Poly Clinic which offers maternal and other health

Focus On Service Delivery, City of Harare Told

Ronald Chigwada Harare residents have called on the local authority to focus on service delivery and stop threatening residents who are protecting their neighbourhoods

CHRA Urge City of Harare To Increase Health Workers in Harare Polyclinics.

Pauline Chateuka Combined Harare Residents Association known for advocating for residents' rights, has in its survey shown that there is shortage of health personnel

Citizens Applauds ZUPCO for Reducing Fares.

Pauline Chateuka The Zimbabwe United Passengers Company (ZUPCO) recently increased fares by one hundred percent and faced resistance from passengers. The fare hikes had

Stop Using Spikes-PAZ

Ronald Chigwada The public has urged law enforcement officials to use Central Vehicle Registry (CRV) database to trace licence plates of traffic offenders instead

Increase Number of Health Staff In Vaccination Centres.

Ronald Chigwada As Zimbabwe continues to receive more COVID-19 vaccines, Harare residents urge government to allocate many health staff in vaccination centres to speed

PAZ Calls For Improved Mass Transport.

Ronald Chigwada Citizens call on government to invest in mass transport following the death of 20 people who perished in pirate car accidents along

PAZ Condemns ZUPCO Fare Hikes.

Pauline Chateuka The recent hikes of commuter fares by the Zimbabwe United Passengers Company (ZUPCO) has riled the commuting public, transport associations and residents

Calls For More Information On Vaccines.

Nonhlanhla Ngwenya After a continued surge in positive COVID-19 cases, Zimbabweans call on the Ministry of Health and Child Care to urgently do more

Chirodzero Business Centre a Ticking Health Bomb

Ronald Chigwada Vendors and residents in Goromonzi West have called on relevant authorities to finish building public toilets which were started in 2019 at

Rural Women Geared for Development and Governance Program.

Pauline Chateuka Community Radio Harare has embarked on an educational empowerment program meant to promote women’s participation in development and local governance issues. This

Lifeline for Transport System as Bus Operators Venture into Manufacturing.

Correspondent Transport operators have given a sigh of relief to passengers after collaborating under the AMALGAMATED Bus Industries (ABI) to deal with transport woes

Media Challenged To Address GBV Against WAGWDS.

Ronald Chigwada Women and girls support groups have called upon media to be effective in ending violence against women and girls with disabilities (WAGWDS)

CHITREST Condemns Demolitions.

Pauline Chateuka On the 1st of June 2021 Chitungwiza Municipality issued a statement informing residents of demolitions and giving them a 72 hour ultimatum

First Doses of COVI-19 Vaccines Run Out.

Nonhlanhla Ngwenya Following ongoing efforts by the government and Civil Society Organisations encouraging citizens to get vaccination, Harare City Council say it has run

Zimbabwe Nurses Demand Recognition.

Pauline Chateuka International Nurses Day is observed every year on May 12 to honour the great work being done by nurses. Commemorating this day

ZURCNWU Celebrates International Nurses Day Amidst Challenges.

Abel Karowangoro Zimbabwe Urban and Rural Council Nurses Workers Union (ZURCNWU) president Simabarashe James Tafirenyika joined the international community in celebrating International Nurses Day.

‘Lift Ban On By-Elections,’ Youth Groups tell ZEC

Givemore Chipere Zimbabwe youth groups have called on the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to lift a unilateral ban imposed on by – elections stating


The recently announced postponement of O and A level June 2021 examinations by the government of Zimbabwe while a good move the timing was


Stamburi Nduwaruwa DDF Madziwa has embarked on a major feeder roads rehabilitation program in Shamva North constituency. This comes after Hon Gorerino supplied 500litres

IYWD Alumni releases International Women’s Day Album

Nyasha Nhau Bindura based culture fusion songstress Tsitsi Masawi also known as Tsitsi Culture Galore celebrated the international women's month with the release of

Meet Our Demands First: ARTUZ

Pauline Chateuka After government announced that schools are to reopen on 15th March starting with exam writing classes, teacher’ unions have vowed their members

Relax Lockdown Restrictions, Government Urged.

Ronald Chigwada Opposition political parties, trade unions and residents have urged government to pay further attention to the socio-economic impact of prolonged lockdown and

Harare Residents Fume Over Demolitions.

Pauline Chateuka On the 9th of February, City of Harare made an announcement of an operation to demolish all illegal tuckshops, the statement advised

Let’s Unite In Giving Hope To The Nation.

Nyasha Nhau Promising gospel songstress Joyce Zvanyange has urged fellow gospel musicians to unite for a good cause in spreading the message of hope

Chitungwiza Choir Scoops Online Award.

Priscilla Kamurira Chitungwiza Harmony Singers won the recently held Festival of Song (FOS)  online choral music competitions and bagged a record deal with Jacaranda

Zvizvai Demands Return To Normalcy.

Staff Reporter MDC Alliance secretary for local government and rural development Sessil Zvizvai has come out guns blazing, underrating the Local Government minister July

COVID-19 A Reality: Mbira Musician Dinz

Nyasha Nhau CHITUNGWIZA ST MARY'S born mbira master Dinas Kamushinda popularly known as Dinz has urged Zimbabweans to be responsible citizens so as to

Registration For Informal Sector Relief Fund Ongoing.

Ronald Chigwada Vendors Initiative for Social and Economic Transformation (VISET) urge government of Zimbabwe to publish full names of all informal traders who have

Residents Condemn Latest Toll Gate Tariffs.

Ronald Chigwada Harare residents have condemned latest hikes in toll gate tariffs with fears that the new fees will lead to increase in transport

From Pain To Praise

Nyasha Nhau After surviving an accident in 2017 that almost took his life, Maxwell Machisa was left wheelchair bound for the rest of his

Bulawayo wheelchair bound Brighton Dzowa set to release an album

Nyasha Nhau A Bulawayo Pumula North based artiste Brighton Dzowa popularly known as Bravo is set to release an 8 track album entitled Success

Nurses in Norton Face Stigmatisation

Staff Reporter COVID-19 has shaken the whole world and affected ailing economies. Zimbabwe has not been spared by the impact of the deadly virus

Covid-19 Worsens Inequalities in Rural Education.

Ronald Chigwada Rural school teachers and students have once again reiterated that they are the ones suffering most from inequality which in turn has

Stop Prisons From Becoming COVID-19 Hotspots.

Pauline Chateuka MDC Alliance Spokesperson Fadzai Mahere has lamented the deplorable state of Zimbabwe prisons. Mahere was on the 18th of January released on

MISA Demands Sufficient Information On COVID-19

Ronald Chigwada Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) has filed an urgent High Court application against the Minister of Health and Child Care, Constantino

Calls For Social Grants For Informal Sector.

Ronald Chigwada Vendors Initiative for Social and Economic Transformation (VISET)welcomed the call by Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) on government to honour its pledges

Provide Frontline Health Workers With Adequate PPEs.

Ronald Chigwada Chitungwiza residents have once again reiterated the need for their municipality and the government to provide municipal health workers with protective clothing

SERDP Urge Residents To Be Cautious Of COVID-19

Pauline Chateuka Seke Rural Development Platform is encouraging residents in the area to practice Covid-19 safety regulations which are social and physical distancing, washing

City of Mutare Brand Ambassador On Covid-19 Awareness.

Nyasha Nhau MUTARE ARTISTE Jairosi Mutambikwa has taken the fight against COVID-19 personally, using his art to bring awareness and educating to help people

“I was inspired by Leornard Dembo” -Kadoma musician

Nyasha Nhau KADOMA SUNGURA musician Johnson Huni told Community Radio Harare that he was motivated by the late Leornard Dembo to pursue music as

ARTUZ Worry Over Lack Of Preparedness By ZIMSEC.

Ronald Chigwada Examinations have continued in unsafe environments in schools as teachers and students are facing many challenges. Amalgamated Rural Teachers' Union (ARTUZ) reiterated

Treat Informal Sector As Essential Service~ VISET

Ronald Chigwada Vendors Initiative For Social and Economic Transformation (VISET) say the government's imposed lockdown has hit hard on their livelihoods, as vendors are

Zimbabwe Loses Another Veteran Journalist.

Pauline Chateuka The Zimbabwe media fraternity has again lost another veteran journalist, 48 year old Veteran Journalist Foster Vulindlela Dongozi who died on December

Budiriro Residents Cry for Justice Over Demolitions.

Pauline Chateuka Members of Tembwe Housing Co-operative in Harare's Budiriro surburb were left holding on to what was left of their precious belongings after

Rigging Claims at ZANU PF DCC Elections

Pauline Chateuka ZANU PF supporters cry foul over rigging allegations at the recently held District Coordinating Committee elections for Chegutu administration. ZANU PF Party

Include People With Disabilities In Decision Making.

Tracy Chiumburu December third is a day dedicated to celebrate and commemorate people with disabilities worldwide. The International Day of Disabled Persons was proclaimed

COVID-19 And Reopening of Borders.

Ronald Chigwada On the 1st of December 2020, Zimbabwe reopened it's borders to the general public amidst mixed feelings from citizens on the state

Uproar Of Illegal Lodges Takeover Mbare

Andras Joseph Harare- Residents in the most populous Mbare suburb have expressed concern over the increasing number of residential houses being turned into lodges

ARTUZ Displeased With Allocated 10% of the National Budget.

Pauline Chateuka Minister of Finance Economic and Development, Professor Mthuli Ncube recently presented the National Budget for 2021, allocating 10% to Ministry of Primary

Parents Accuse School Head of Misuse of Funds.

Ronald Chigwada Parents and guardians of children at Gwinyai primary school in Mbare are accusing the school head of misuse of funds and lack

FEMPRIST Takes Awareness On Gender-Based Violence To Former Inmates.

Pauline Chateuka As 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence commence under the theme “Orange the World, Fund, Respect, Prevent, Collect”, Female Prisoners

FSN Joins Call Against Amendment of the Health Act for Contraceptives

Ronald Chigwada Female Students Network has joined some civil society groups, religious groups, community working groups and political actors in the campaign rejecting the

City of Harare To Continue With Demolitions.

Pauline Chateuka There has been an outcry from Harare residents over demolitions being out by City of Harare without alternative accommodation. Residents challenged the

Kuwadzana Vendors To Get New Vending Market.

Pauline Chateuka Kuwadzana Extension Ward 44 Councillor Adonia Shoko held 2020 State of the Ward Address with the theme development through community initiatives where

Kuwadzana Ward 44 holds SOWA.

Ronald Chigwada Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume has urged local councils to engage residents in the development of their communities. Speaking at the recently held

Spike In Teenage Sexual Violations During COVID-19 Lockdown.

Tsitsi Mashiri CORAH recently caught up with Shamwari YeMwanasikana (SYS) on how COVID-19 has negatively impacted lives of teenage girls in the country. Shamwari

COVID 19 Negatively Impacts Sex Workers.

Pauline Chateuka COVID-19 has not only affected big businesses, health sector or schools alone, women in sex working business have also been negatively impacted

Corruption The cause of Suffering NOT Sanctions

Ronald Chigwada In October 2019 Zimbabwean government declared 25 October as the Anti-Sanctions Day to be commemorated annually to protest against United States of

People with disabilities in Hopely face the brunt of COVID-19.

Pauline Chateuka In an effort to bring out challenges caused by Covid-19 pandemic, Community Radio Harare interviewed people with disabilities in Hopley Settlement in

CMSF Accuses Chitungwiza Municipality of Corruption

Yolanda Zanamwe Chitungwiza Multi Stakeholder Forum issued a press statement on the 23th of October alleging that Chitungwiza Municipality and its Councillors are corrupt

Authorities fail to rein in bulk water operators

By Charles Saki On the 11th of September 2020, a community in the leafy suburb of Borowdale Brooke was gripped by horror and irreparable

National Development Strategy Initiative in Chitungwiza

Yolanda Zanamwe National Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (NANGO) recently partnered with Chitungwiza Residents Trust on discussions around national development strategy with residents in Unit

Water Barons Rock Mabvuku

Joseph Andrasi Residents in Mabvuku have complained over the manipulation of the right to freely access water by self-styled water barons in the community.

ARTUZ Promises To Monitor Adherence To COVID-19 Regulations in Schools

Anotidaishe Nyadoro Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) has promised to monitor schools to make that they are abiding with COVID-19 regulations to

CHRA Takes Cholera Awareness Campaign To Mufakose

Tracy Chiumburu Combined Harare Residents Association [CHRA] has taken the initiative to educate residents from Ward 34 in Mufakose on the outbreak of Cholera.

PAZ Calls On Government To Act On ZUPCO Faulty Buses

Ronald Chigwada Passengers Association of Zimbabwe (PAZ) has called on government to pull out unroadworthy buses contracted under Zimbabwe United Passengers Company (ZUPCO) with

Life During and After Incarceration- Rudo’s story

Pauline Chateuka 54 year old Rudo Chunyeda in 2018 found herself behind bars for drug trafficking. She was sentenced to 1 year in prison

Buses Defy Council Mbare Ban

Givemore Chipere The closure of Mbare Musika Bus Termini has resulted in commuter omnibuses (kombis) operating at the corner of 3rd and Mzingeli Street

The Plight of Rural Women

Ronald Chigwada On the 15th of October, Zimbabwe joined rest of the world in commemorating International Day of Rural Women with the “Building rural

Hunger And Covid-19

Nonhlanhla Ngwenya For some 2020 has been a double blow, trying to stay safe from Covid-19 and fighting to get food to put on

Water Supply In Times Of COVID-19

Siphiwe Nyoni For the past two years Zimbabwe has been receiving low rainfall partly due to climate change and this has resulted in less

COVID 19 Negatively Impacts Reintegration for Former Prison Inmate.

Pauline Chateuka Rudo Chunyeda was arrested in 2019 after she was found in possession of 5kgs of mbanje /marijuana and sentenced to 12 months

Sexual Abuse in Times of COVID-19.

Patience Mashiri According to World Health Organisation 1 in 3 women worldwide have experienced physical and or sexual violence by an intimate partner and

Role of the ICC In the International Justice System

Nonhlanhla Ngwenya INTERVIEW: The African Centre of International Criminal Justice on the 14th – 15th November held a two-day training workshop for over 30

LGBT Community Decries Gender Based Violence

By Ranganayi Zimunya Gender based violence thrives in an environment of secrecy and low self-esteem especially on the part of victim, this is why

Secondary setback

Ranganayi Zimunya Travelling long distances in search of greener education pastures and missing a series of important lessons at school describes the state of

Mothers Forced To Pay Bribes For Health Record Books

Ronald Chigwanda Harare residents cry foul over rampant corruption at council clinics as some health personnel are demanding bribes in order to issue out

Epworth Residents Vow to Vote for Women

Joseph Adrasi A woman casting vote: [Picture Credit VOA] Residents in Epworth have been urged to vote for women candidates that live in their