By Richard Fani

Last week the City of Harare launched a campaign that aimed at raising funds from the residence and business owners at Matapi Flats. The officials of the Council came door to door asking residence and shop owners to pay what they owed the Council or they listed the houses and businesses using Council infrastructure as vacant and locked the doors on sight.

The move has since been resented by the residence at Matapi Flats saying that the Council should have given them a warning first before launching their campaign. The angry residence told Mbilez24 News that they would have easily complied with the requirements of the Council but they are living in substandard conditions neglected by City of Harare. Some of the residence also mentioned that they are the ones responsible for the day to day maintenance of the flats as they sweep and take care of the toilets.

The residence also expressed their dissatisfaction saying that they should have been given ownership of the houses long back as they were promised that after 10years of consistent paying of rents and rates they would automatically be given title deeds to the flats but this has been a false promise, according to the residence. Years have passed and still nothing has happened and the Flats are still under Council.

Speaking at the Ward 3 Budget Consultative Meeting on Saturday at Mai Musodzi Hall, the DO of Matapi Mrs Mutawa said the operation was not targeting residence but business owners operating on Council spaces around Matapi Flats. However on the ground residence were rushing to and from in order to raise the funds to pay the demanded 55Bond per month or they received the vacant notices.

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