Govt cautioned on COVID-19

Sipiwe Nyoni

The Passengers Association of Zimbabwe (PAZ) implored the government to take precautionary measures to assist public mass transport providers to protect passengers to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Speaking Community Radio Harare, Tafadzwa Goliati PAZ
president called for immediate intervention from the government to prevent a Coronavirus outbreak in the country.

“We are encouraging the government to take immediate precautions in assisting the public mass transport to protect passengers from the COVID-19 pandemic, ” he said.

He went on to explain, how commuters are getting packed into ZUPCO buses without any means of protection which poses a risk to the public from the infection.

Zimbabwe is yet to record a case of COVID-19, all those who have so far been suspected to have been with the virus tested negative.

The first case of Coronavirus was reported in China at the country WHO Office on the 31st December 2019 and has since spread, all over the world affecting over 135,168 and killing over 4,990 people.

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