Residents Living With Flowing Sewer

Yolanda Zanamwe

Chitungwiza South Unit M residents in Ward 24 have gone days with burst sewer pipes, sewer flowing heavily into their houses and blocking roads.

Flowing sewer in Unit M

Chitungwiza residents confirmed the blockage of roads by flowing sewer saying that they have engaged Chitungwiza Municipality but no action has taken place to relieve the residents of the health hazard.

“Despite the fact that we get water once a week, we now fear waterborne diseases as flowing sewer has become our main problem and Unit M is highly affected by burst sewer,” said one Unit M resident.

Roads covered with flowing sewer

Chitungwiza Resident Trust Coordinate Obert Matsika said “Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation once visited us in Unit M and tried talking to Councilors but nothing happened, we still living with flowing sewer and we have lost hope,”

“We are now used to sewer the same way that we are used to receiving water once a week, its painful and uncomfortable smelling the sewer every day, we are afraid to catch Cholera and other water borne diseases,” said Obert Matsika.

As the rainy season is slowly approaching the residents are appealing to Chitungwiza Municipality, the Government and Ministry of Health to intervene in their plea before a serious health problem develops with the coming of the rain.

Chitungwiza Municipality responded to the issue saying they are aware of the situation in Chitungwiza South and are working on removing soil and plastics that are blocking sewer pipes.

“ We working on the sewer lines because they are full of soil and old rags that are blocking the sewer pipes,” explained Chitungwiza Municipality spokesperson Lovemore Meya

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