Zimbabwe must craft youth act

There is an old adage which usually says “catch them young and make them grow”. This is a saying which speaks of how a nation can guide and protect young people at a very early stage so that they grow up with so much knowledge and wisdom which can help develop a nation.

“Greenbombers” members of National Youth Service Picture Credit: thezimbabwean.com

Young people from different walks of life gathered to discuss issues affecting young people in Zimbabwe at an event which was organized by the National Association of Youth Organizations Africa (NAYO). This comes at a time when Zimbabwe is facing economic hardships in the country.

According to UNFPA, Zimbabwe is an extremely young country, with 62% of the population below the age of 25 years Young people who are school dropouts are finding it hard to get employment and or raise capital to start businesses.

Chairperson of Youth, Sports and Recreation portfolio committee Hon. M Tongofa encouraged young people to participate in the budget preparation consultative processes so that the Ministry can be allocated enough capital to be channeled towards youth issues. “ Already we have been given and the figures that they intend to give the Ministry we feel that they are not enough and you need to give us justification on why it is not enough”.

The lack of a comprehensive law to govern youth issues has also become an affront to the upliftment of youths in Zimbabwe. Many are struggling to get employed due to lack of employment in the country and also lack of policy that protects and guide young people and also aid in developing the young generation.

It is very disappointing to note that under the Ministry of Youth Sports Arts and Recreation there is no comprehensive law that governs youth issues, we only the Zimbabwe Youth Council Act, it does not speak to issues that really engender youth inclusion in economic and political spheres.
This then makes it difficult for those who advocate for young people’s rights to demand certain things which are not provided for legally.

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